Wanderings 2.0

Single-channel video installation, 2014
Duration: 03'18"
Produced in collaboration with Alexander Letcius.
The work was first exhibited at the solo show in Rundum Space in Tallinn titled with the same name.

The video demonstrates the experience of virtual wanderings, around landscapes of Google Maps. Captured from the computer screen, the footage represents walks through the landscapes via a 3D model of the earth, a Google development, that has long been in the public domain and is one of the main navigational tools to date. Represented via an HD projection 'Wanderings 2.0' are supposed to demonstrate the enchanting beauty of the simulation’s textures and the hypnotic effect of discovering previously unknown locations, as if reawakening features that classical paintings of romantic landscapes used to posses before the invention of photography.

Those lost features that used to reconnect the viewer with a notion of wild nature. However in this case we are dealing with an inanimate rather primitive, polygonal three-dimensional model, which is perhaps the most popular emulator of reality and a monument to virtual reality itself. This mapped world, the origin of which was an attempt to create a virtual copy of the physical world, has a cold artificial atmosphere, where the walk turns into alienated virtual act, but that still has a sense of romanticism, where you loose yourself wandering.