Ongoing series of interventions in public space, represented online at www.tosay.it
Launched in 2008

“Wrong is the new right”, “Break the pattern to create a new one”, “Now is just right now”, “The secret of happiness is…” are socially critical statements, conceptual word-plays and also appeal as textual fragments and quotes to be found as posters on house walls, pictures in printed media and even on human bodies in the form of tattoos. Fragments from connected texts, of a textual whole,  the whole remaining hidden from the recipients. With the project ‘To Say It’, various participants direct their appeal to readers. Away from the legitimised ‘Art’ platform i.e. galleries, museums and institutions, artistic and socially critical texts that wouldn’t usually attract any attention in their usual media circulation, are installed in public spaces, in printed form.

Subsequently, since the project has been widely exposed via blogs and publications, it has attracted associates and contributing artists from across the world. This situation having arisen, stimulated the creation of the website, which had become an open public platform for publishing documentations of the varied interventions by participants, in various locations.
Thus was born www.tosay.it, in order to explore text in public space as an artistic strategy, to widely disseminate actual ideas, often being ignored by mass media, as well as to draw attention and comment on existing issues.
At the moment the project is awaiting it's massive relaunch.

At first a small village in Bohuslan, Sweden was intervened with «The Secret of Happiness…» poster in 2008, later in 2011 it was recreated on the facade of the renowned club «Paradiso» in Amsterdam, it appeared in the variety of books and magazines even got tattooed on someones body.

The work has found it’s form in the variety of mediums, appearing as a posters, digital & print publications and eventually as a tattoo. The interview with Denis, owner of the tatoo is to be found at tosay.it. He explained his motivation and what does the work communicates to him.

Projects Geography Includes: Tallinn, Rome, Kiev, Bangalore, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Torun, London, Moscow, Vienna, Ancona, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Bali, Antwerpen, Ghent, Brugge, Stockholm, Helsinki, Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok

The series of poster’s on the right starts with the one, that is translated from Russian as: 'The documentation of documentation of the text about documentation'. The key to understanding this text is to follow the process of creating it: At first the poster was placed in the particular place in the centre of St. Petersburg, where it was immediately documented. 

As a second step, the large scale photo of the documentation was printed, it then was applied on top of the very same place overlaying the first poster. At last the double layer poster application was documented and uploaded to the projects site so that the initial text written on the first poster communicates the actual truth.

TO SAY IT — The platform has been created with an independent enthusiastic approach in order to broadcast statements & texts in public spaces, away from the institutions, and to explore intervention as a method.
TO DO IT — this is an open project, so if one feels like acting in the same direction, he or she is very welcome to share with us materials and ideas.
TO SHARE IT — we are interested in building the alternate networks, where the ideas that are often ignored by mass-media could be heard and widespread. Please please free to spread the information about the project.