This Very Moment

Installation, 2015
Video documentation,
duration: 01’38”
LED display board.
Created in collaboration
with Alexander Letcius.

Set in a way that nearly hurts the viewer’s eyes by emitting the brightest possible cold, white light - the text running across the LED display board repetitively states: “…This very moment, has already become the past – This very mo…” etc.
Text placed in a time-based dimension and in a specific spatial context results in the distortion of the original text’s semiotic features - its material permanence looses its permanence. Now the text is used to express the flow of time, by pointing readers attention to the very moment of ‘now’.

The viewer reads the text - which relentlessly manifests the moment of now – whilst simultaneously experiencing the refraction of his own perception of time, since we tend to forget ourselves whilst immersed in the reading process.

This reveals the basic hypnotic property of any time-based media and semiotic features of text. The work could be considered as a monument to the irreversibility of the flow of time. 
The work is also accompanied by a smartphone application, available for free downloading.