The Link

Plexiglass, steel, led, streaming 360 web-camera,
Dimensions: 300 x 200 cm
2015 – 2016


A luminous hyperlink is set up in various locations. The URL address is a full sentence: Familiar syntax suggests that it's an active weblink. A web page located at the address given in the link, showing a streamed real-time 360-de- gree panorama camera view of its location.

By providing such an ordinary action as following the URL, spectator literally re-enacts manifested in the link transition, emerging between the actual situation and its virtual replica. This suggests the correlation,

displacement and intertwining of real and virtual, where it is no longer necessary nor feasible distinguishing between the two.

The work could be seen as both material or virtual, and even more accurately as one, exactly in between the two, demonstrating how both govern each other. And may also be referring to both Alvin Luciers 'I Am Sitting in a Room' and Nam June Paik's 'TV Buddha'.