The Artek

Media: Graphite and acrylic mural.
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
Created: 2012
In the creation of the mural
Karina Eibatova participated.

The name of the mural`Artek´ refers to a renowned in post-Soviet territories summer scout camp, located in Crimea. Figurative mural features 3 stages of explosion of a sculptural image of the soviet scout (Pioneer). In the 3rd stage of the mural, the image of the exploded head has an abstract round object in the centre, resembling a core. The fragments floating around cast shadows onto the core, upon a closer view spectator can identify the shadows as the shapes of the continents.

The famous boy scout camp, found on the basis of the ideas of multi-international place, far away from the national feuds, political differences and spiritual emptiness. Those ambitions are long gone along with the fall of the Soviet Union.

The work touches upon the topics of reorganisation of the Post-Soviet territories and cosmopolitanism as an idea contraposed against many of the world’s issues