State Of Mine

 Media: 2700 of 1 inch badges 
Dimensions: 135×110 cm. 
Created: 2007 
Courtesy of Ripley’s. Orlando, FL. 




'State of Mine' is a self-portrait that attempts to represent a vision of various information about the artist, his ‘information contents,’ such as the multiplicity of his thoughts, interests, declarations, key memories. Artist had created a set of graphics to illustrate all of these aspects, the character as a system of signs — a language to be used as a template for the creation of his ‘information’ portrait, that could be used to describe him.

 As a result there were produced about 2,700 badges, with a range of around 200 unique symbols. Badges seemed a perfectly appropriate medium to use here, as they usually display a subject with which their owner identifies himself. Each symbol - badge was placed so that its arrangement created his physical portrait alongside himself in terms of information. The works name also describes the idea itself, playing on the english expression “state of mind”, which means a concrete condition as to where someone is at a specific time. A mental state is a kind of state or process only possessed by and unique to thinking and feeling beings. Such a definition of an object’s condition provides its conceptual contents, that creates a self-portrait where each badge and its arrangement visualises the author’s personality in the period of creation.