New Now

iOS приложение. Год выхода: сентябрь 2016
Доступно в Apple App Store

Со­здан­ный в кол­ла­бо­ра­ции меж­ду Его­ром Краф­том и Алек­сан­дром Леци­у­сом.
Код: Алек­сей Лин­ков

The app displays a running text of a relentlessly repetitively line: “…This very moment, has already become the past – This very…” etc. Application idea is based on the artistic work by Egor Kraft & Alexander Letcius , seen on the right.
However in the case of being placed in media context the work, by relentlessly manifesting the moment of now becomes an instrument of returning viewers attention back to the existence in the presence and ‘reality’, rather than immersing in virtuality, which as we know, media tends to cause.
Revealing the hypnotic property of any time-based media and semiotic features of text, The work is suggested as a monument to the irreversibility of the flow of time and the weaknesses of analysis, as a method of comprehending, or simply just as a digital mantra.