Intervention; 2014
T-shirt, video documentation. Video duration: 02'19"

The intervention was carried out in August 2014 in St. Petersburg, when the artist bought a few plain white T-shirts from the Swedish clothing chain 'H & M'. Without removing any tags from the T-shirts, the artist used professional screen printing techniques to print the T-shirts with texts such as: 'Please Ignore This Text - Keep on Shopping' etc., as if they had been originally designed as such. The next day he went back to the store in order to return and be refunded for his newly modified T-shirt, telling the store’s cashier that it just didn’t fit him. The store’s staff member did not suspect anything, they took back the T-shirt and refunded the artist with his money. The next day the artist returned to the store to find that, his subsequently self-modified T-shirt, was now on sale again complete with its magnetic anti-theft tag which had been reattached. The T-shirt’s new guise had even prompted the store to display it in an even more prominent space on the clothes rack.

A series of similar events has since been conducted involving printing different texts onto T-shirts as a comment on contemporary consumer culture and the absurdity of slogans that modern objects of consumerism often come with. This act is also self-critical towards artistic intervention as a strategy - one which has been widely used over the last 10 years by various artists, including Russian ‘Actionists'. Often the global brand that was originally intended to be the victim of these interventions soon start to appropriate these very strategies for their own gain. Eventually this sort of attack becomes easy to tolerate with the ‘victim’ becoming less and less vulnerable to such actions.

The project is a logical continuation of the artists’ widespread series of interventions involving text in public space called and is displayed on this website by the same name.