Express Date

Documentation of happening includes: photos, tickets, route map;
Executed: 07 Nov 2011
Location: Oktyabrskaya Railway, Station Bologoye.

Express Date is a happening executed by Egor Kraft & Karina Eibatova during their trip between Moscow & St.Petersburg via the renowned Oktyabrskaya Railway. The distance between the major Russian cities is 650 km, the most common travel option is a night train, the average journey time is 9 hours.

The happening lasted for a few seconds while Egor’s train heading from St.Petersburg towards Moscow, was passing by Karina’s train that was heading exactly the opposite route, from Moscow towards St.Petersburg. On the foggy November morning, at around 07:40 while the trains were passing each other by the Bologoye station, Egor and Karina saw and photographed each other from the windows of the carriages of their trains. Coincidentally both artists had purchased their tickets with specified seats in the end of their trains. 

This allowed them to see each other for a longer while until the trains drifted apart. The rendezvous lasted for a few seconds, but the romance of it couldn't be compared to it's duration. The work explores the treatment of coincidences as an artistic event. It investigates the ways of creating an ephemeral work, which only exists at the moment of creation, breaking into a natural course of events and attempts to explore whatever artistic potential exists in such a situation.