Air Kiss

Film, FullHD, ap­prox. du­ra­tion 40 min., 2017


Air Kiss was started as part of the Strelka In­sti­tute for Me­dia, Ar­chi­tec­ture & De­sign Post­grad­u­ate Pro­gramme 'The New Nor­mal'

Egor Kraft
Di­rec­tion, script, cin­e­matog­ra­phy, cam­era A, pro­duc­tion, edit­ing, voice

Pekka Tynkky­nen
Di­rec­tion, script, sound­track, cam­era B

Alina Kvirkveliya
Vi­sual ef­fects, aer­ial shoot­ing, di­rec­tion, voice, cast­ing

Ka­rina Gol­ubenko
Re­search, ed­i­to­r­ial, script, sub­ti­tles

Air Kiss’ is a film looking at a near future, where governance has largely been outsourced to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the speculative context of Moscow in 2050. As a backdrop to the film comes a speculative strategy unfolding mechanisms of a decentralised AI-governance system, where boundaries between the resident's subjectivity and the Plasma, an adaptive system that is constantly transformed and independently changes the algorithmic legislation in accordance with the values, beliefs and behavioral patterns of each user, are erased, thus turning into his inner voice and personal therapist at the same time. This is a new ecosystem that, on the one hand, dissolves the state, sovereignty, property, and even personal boundaries, on the other hand, creates many new levels of autonomy

and previously non-existent zones in their permanent configuration. What does it mean and how does it feel like to live in a world, where computation has become the surrounding matter itself and algorithms predict, suggest, decide, analyse and manage everything from basic income and infrastructures to one’s inner dialogue? What are the extents of one’s personal responsibilities or personality? Envisioned here is a system that attempts to be a universally fair real-time democracy. Users of this system are subjects to a continuous poll on their preferences about their living environments. Both by deliberate virtual requesting and through behaviour tracking, users influence the algorithmic system in designing and managing cities and geographies beyond it.



Featuring Interviews by Benjamin H. Bratton, Keller Esterling, Daniel van der Velden (Metahaven), Geoff Manaugh and others

Limited edition. 2018

Design: Karina Golubenko