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19 Jun 2019

This is official! I’m honoured to be a winner of this years Garage Museum Art & Technology Grant for the production of the new work that is to be premiered in a year from now. Looking forward to get my hands on investing a bunch of money into bringing my proposal “Museum of Synthetic History” into reality! Thanks so much to @garagemca and @bmwru for the support (at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art)

14 Jun 2019

Air Kiss currently on view as part of Deptford moving image festival, London, UK. The film was produced as part of @strelka_thenewnormal at @strelka_institute in collaboration with Alina Kvirkveliya, Karina Golubenko and Pekka Airaxin

02 Jun 2019

Sneak peek of “Twelve Nodes” currently on view at Valetta Contemporary, Malta as part of Non-Aligned Networks show. 12 marble blocks, 12 e-ink screens, patch panels and patch cords, ethereum blockchain network. This new piece came out of my two years long and ongoing collaboration with Fair Data Society, a foundation and community of blockchain developers / activists developing Fair Data Certificate and decentralised fair data exchange platform and guidelines focused on humans, ethics, privacy and fair data economies. The work refers to roman Twelve tables, a very first written legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law displayed as twelve marble plates in Roman Forum. A written language used in traditional law and legal instrument is also used in coding algorithmic law that which takes over traditional governing models in the age of surveillance capitalism, data slavery and algorithmic decisionism. E-ink screens embedded in the marble blocks display a current status of collectively written Fair Data Principles to which anyone on the internet can contribute and bring edits and upon which the paltform is built. Connected via ethernet cables all the elements of installation form a decentralised network on it’s own. More soon.

19 May 2019

Content Aware Studies are on view at National Museum as part of 18th WRO Media Art Biennial in Wroclaw, Poland. (at National Museum, Wrocław)

17 May 2019

Classification of artistic approaches on working with Ai according to Mattis Kuhn. Massive thanks to @kunstverein_hannover and Stiftung Niedersachsen for inviting me to hold a talk as part of the exhibition and conference on Ai in artistic practices. And special thanks to brilliant artist, friend and human for joining me on that trip. (at Kunstverein Hannover)

14 May 2019

I’m glad to share that my proposal for ‘Museum of Synthetics History’ has been shortlisted for Garage Museums Art & Technology grant programme. I’m hoping this story is continued. Artificial Intelligence suggests Artificial history and science. A picture is from my recent show at my beloved Berlins @alexanderlevygallery (at Moscow, Russia)

19 Apr 2019

Travelling to my native St. Petersburg for the opening of the show and a ceremony of Kuryokhin Art Prize for which I’m glad to be nominated with the Content Aware Studies series. A picture is from my recent solo show at brilliant @alexanderlevygallery (at Центр Современного Искусства им. Сергея Курёхина)

15 Apr 2019

New work in progress. ‘Natural Water Cycle Needs no Invisible Handjob’. Coming soon!
(at Moscow)

05 Apr 2019

In Karlsruhe. Honoured to show my 10 years old work as part of the incredible historical show ‘Negative Space’ at ZKM featuring 200 sculptural masterpieces from some of the most brilliant artists of the century. (at ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe)

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