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17 Apr 2017

Happy to share that I’ve been nominated for the State Innovation Prize 2017 ‘New Generation’ with the continued intervention New Color that had been shown at Moscow’s Young Art Biennale last summer! (at Moscow, Russia)

19 Mar 2017

My piece URL stone at the group should Onkalo I at Insitu Project Space in Berlin. Thanks so much to the amazing Insitu curatorial team! (at Kurfürstenstraße)

03 Dec 2016

I’m thrilled to be officially enrolled to the postgraduate studies / research program with amazing panel at Strelka Institute. (at Strelka)

17 Nov 2016

One of the recent works for Art Prospekt Festival in St.Petersburg. An image of a glowing hyperlink is set up in various locations. The URL address is a full sentence:

This is an active link which includes elements of the web link syntax familiar to us. At the same time it can be read as a full sentence. The project is partially virtual in nature and includes a web page located at the address given in the link, showing a real-time 360-degree panorama camera view of its location. (at St. Petersburg, Russia)

25 Oct 2016

I’m thrilled to share that I have published a book, comprised of the emails received over the course of last 5 years at the mailbox on the fictitious company that supposedly discovered ‘The New Color’, whose website ( and video I created in 2011.

23 Oct 2016

‘The Great URL Stone’ has been included in the group show 'Corridor I: Onkalo’ at the project space Insitu in Berlin. The work is an investigation on the longevity of media carriers, juxtaposing carved marble against the .jpeg file stored on Wikipedia. (at insitu)

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